Dailies to Dawn
Medium: 16mm film
Length: 18min
Year: 2015


“The cinema began with a passionate physical relationship between celluloid and the artists and craftsmen and technicians who handled it, manipulated it, and came to know in the way a lover comes to know every inch of the body of the beloved.” – Martin Scoursese

Dailies to Dawn is a poetic journey and tribute which celebrates celluloid film processing as a living form, passionate and organic, made by experience, collective work and pure craftsmanship at one of the last thriving film laboratories in the UK.

Producer / Director / Kristina Cranfeld / Director of Photography / Tristan Chenais / Sound Design / Rob Szeliga / Special thanks to / Steve Cann / Phil Cullum / Mel Crabb / Dan Crussell / Phoebe Davey / Jason Doyle / Mick Divall / Andrew Hill / Nigel Horn / Russell Higgs / Don Jackson / Barry McGuinnes / Clive Noakes / Russell Rowe / Filmed Processed and Developed at I-Dailies